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I forgot my password. What can I do?

Please click on “Reset password”. Provide your email address and an email will be sent
so that you can reset your password.

How can I improve the odds that my application will be accepted by a start-up?

Applying for start-ups is fundamentally different than trying to get a corporate job. Go check out some of our blog postings on this topic in order to find out how to apply for a start-up.

How many jobs can I apply to?


I didn’t verify my email and I cannot send an application. What should I do?

Please send an email to support@wecanbeheroes.io.

How can I manage my applications?

When logged in, click on “Applications” on the left hand side menu in order to manage your job applications. You can review your cover letter and the supporting documents you attached when applying for a job position.

Can I apply for a job also without creating a profile?

Yes, you can. 

What are the advantages of creating a profile?

If you create a profile on wecanbeheroes.io, recruiters can find it and request to contact you. You can manage your applications, set up job alerts and store all of your information in one place. 

The file of my CV cannot be read and uploaded? What should I do?

You can upload your CV as a document file under My CV/Documents. 

Who can see my profile?

Recruiters can see the anonymized CV and can request contact. You can also set your profile to be invisible for recruiters. In this case, only startups you have applied to will be able to see your resume. 

Who can see my profile, when it is set to visible?

Recruiters can see the anonymized CV and can request contact. You can also set your profile to be invisible for recruiters.

What can an employer see if my resume is set to visible?

Recruiters can basically see an anonymized version of your CV without your personal data. Fields marked with the lock icon are only visible to companies you applied to, or whose contact requests you accepted. These fields are name, phone, birthday, home location, languages, skills and supporting documents uploaded as a file.

What does a good CV look like?

There is a standard CV structure that you have to follow, and the sections are the following:
• Contact information
• Personal statement / bio
• Work experience
• Education & qualifications
• Hobbies and interests
Find more information on how a good CV should look like in this article. https://community.hros.io/how-a-cv-should-look-like/

What if I don’t have a resume ready?

There are several online CV builders out there that facilitate the process of creating a resume. We took a look at some in this article.

How can I activate a job alert?

When searching for something specific, you can use the switch “Turn on job alerts for this search” which automatically creates a job alert.

How can I delete my profile?

Sign into your account at wecanbeheroes.io
1. Click on the round icon in the top right corner. 
2. Choose “My account” from the drop down
3. Then go to “Danger Zone”
4. Select “Delete my account”

Questions I Startups

How much does it cost to post a job on wecanbeheroes.io?

On our job platform you can post jobs for FREE – until the end of 2022! 

The job ad will be online for 60 days and you will have the chance to set up a company profile where you can promote your company culture. And, if you want to boost your opening, use the extra features, Featured job (EUR 29) and Refresh job (EUR 19). Select “Jobs for Refugees” to post the job also on Trending Topics Jobs, and “CH boost” to share it on startupjobs.ch for FREE.

Do you also offer a subscription model?

Yes, we offer a yearly subscription for EUR 1000. Benefit from our job upgrades to boost your openings, plus your jobs will be promoted (organic & paid) on our social media channels, to reach even more talents! Go automated with a full ATS integration via XML – no extra work on your part! We also offer a monthly subscription for EUR 99. Reach out to christoph.deinbacher@speedinvest-heroes.com and learn more about our offer!

Is VAT included in the pricing? 

Please note that the VAT is not included in the prices. To check what applies in your situation regarding VAT, you can check below: 

VAT tax is applied 
– If the buyer is from the same country as the job board and both are from the EU
– Or if the buyer is from another EU country and has no VAT ID added to the billing address 

Reverse Charge is applied
– The buyer is from an EU country and added a VAT ID to the billing address 
– OR the buyer is from outside the EU and is a company

How do I change my email and password on wecanbeheroes.io?

Sign into your account at wecanbeheroes.io 
1. Click on your name in the top right corner. 
2. Click “My account” from the drop down 
3. Then go to “Account settings” 
4. Select either “Edit email address” or “Edit password”

Can multiple email addresses have access to one company account?

Yes. Please send a request to support@wecanbeheroes.io

What are the advantages of filling out a company profile?

By setting up your company profile you can provide more information about your company, pictures, location and organization benefits – all at one glance which is valuable for the applicants. 

How do I make changes to my company profile?

You can change your company profile under the “Organization page” on the left hand side menu. 

How do I gain permission to edit my company profile?

In case you don’t have access to your wecanbeheroes.io account, please reach out to support@wecanbeheroes.io. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I post my job opening?

When logged in, use the “Job manager” on the left hand side menu in order to add a job posting
or just click “Add job” on your dashboard.

I didn’t verify my email and I cannot post a job. What should I do?

Please send an email to support@wecanbeheroes.io.

What are the options to publish a job?

You have three options to publish a job. You can post a job either per template, link or PDF. Once you select your preferred option, you have to enter the Job title, Description or Link or File, Job location, Employment type, Occupational field, Experience level and choose the type of application system used for this job. 
If you wish, you can also select one of our upgrades. Then, proceed to the checkout and see your job already being published!

What is included in the different types of industries? 

ConsumerTech: Clothing, Textiles, Fashion, Apparel, Consumer Products, Food and Beverage
DeepTech: AI & Machine Learning, Security & Cyber Security, Nano, Quantum, Analytics
FinTech: Finance, InsurTech, Financial Technology, Accounting, Banking
GreenTech: Energy/Mobility, AgTech, CleanTech, Waste Management
HealthTech: Biotechnology/BioTech, Healthcare, Pharma, Laboratory Technology, Healthcare Sector, Life Sciences, Medical Technology
HRTech: New Work
IndustrialTech: Aerospace, Chemistry/Plastics, Industrial Technology, Production, Hardware, Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Automotive, IoT, Manufacturing
Marketplace: Tourism, Trade, Education/EdTech, Travel & Tourism
MediaTech: Telecommunications, Media and Creative Industries, Advertising, Communities, Entertainment, Publishing and News
Mobility: Transport/Logistics
PropTech: Real Estate, Property, Architecture
VC: Venture Capital Fund

I cannot find the right category for my job opening, what should I do?

Take the most similar one and send an email to support@wecanbeheroes.io to suggest the new category – we will review it and get back to you. 

Where will my job be published?

Your job will be published on wecanbeheroes.io, alleskralle, Google Jobs, jobrapido, and METAJob.

How do I edit my job post?

You can edit your job posts using the “Job manager” on the left hand side menu. In the upper right corner, you can click on “Options” and select “Edit”. 

Can I unpublish a job?

Yes, you can. Please use the “Job manager” on the left hand side menu. In the upper right corner, you can click on “Options” and select “Unpublish”. 

After posting my job, I see an error in the job description. What can I do? 

When posting a new job using a link, please make sure that your websites content can be embedded in other websites. Here is an explanation you can share with your team for the job ad to be displayed correctly. 

You are serving the page withX-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN which is why we can’t embed your job offer onto our platform. To make this work without losing security you could remove the X-Frame-OptionsHeader and replace it with aContent-Security-PolicyHeader. Here is an example of how it could look like:

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors ‘self’ wecanbeheroes.io
Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors ‘self’ wecanbeheroes.io wecanbeheroes.jobiqo.com

Alternatively, you can upload your jobs choosing the option “upload job per template”. For this option, you simply need to copy/paste your job description. 

Do you have any tips for creating a successful job listing?

Every job is different and so is every job posting. However, we have collected job posting templates for 33 positions in start-ups that give a better understanding of what is important. Go check it out!

How can I get the candidates information directly in my ATS?

By selecting “use built-in application system and get notified” as application option and using the email inbox of your ATS, the candidate information will end up in the ATS pipeline. 

Can I integrate my ATS so that all my job openings are automatically posted?

Yes. At the moment, you can only integrate with Recruitee. We are constantly working on integrating new ATS. 

How can I contact an interesting candidate?

To contact a potential candidate:
1. Sign into your account at wecanbeheroes.io
2. Go to “Job applications” on the left hand side menu 
3. Select the candidate you want to contact
4. Click on “Contact by email”

How can I see applicant profiles?

At the moment, the feature CV search is not active. Afterwards, you can search CV per role and level of experience and request a candidate the contact data.

How can I delete my profile?

Please send a request to support@wecanbeheroes.io

I paid online with a credit card, but I haven’t got an invoice yet. Where and when can I get my receipt?

You will get your receipt by email in the first week of the following month.

Questions I General how-to

What is wecanbeheroes.io?

We at wecanbeheroes.io are here to build the bridge between unique talents and powerful startups found here in Europe. We are fostering an enriching place for the startup community to grow and make an impact. Our aim is to connect, inspire and educate tomorrow’s unicorn and today’s heroes.
Our job platform, backed by HR experts, is one of a kind. Where you can find us being at the heartbeat of the startup ecosystem.

Who do I contact if you haven’t answered my question yet?

Please send an email to support@wecanbeheroes.io.

What are the advantages of registering to the newsletter?

You will get the latest news on new startups on the platform and interesting articles about the startup world. We will update you about future events and upcoming products.

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