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With almost everyone now comfortable with video calls as a way of connecting both personally and professionally, it’s not surprising that digital coaching is an innovation for the new world of work.

What is Digital Coaching in 2022 

Digital coaching is a service whereby coaching sessions between coach and coachee are conducted virtually. Learning and reflection take place both in a practical setting and in the coachee’s everyday environment, enabling them to enhance self-awareness, develop new skills, and get a sounding board on new ideas. 

Crucially, it’s become a highly effective alternative to ‘real life’ coaching sessions, proving that it’s not only possible but extremely beneficial to establish a sustainable and trusting coaching relationship online. And the flexible, accessible nature of online coaching lends itself to any variation of our new modes of work – remote, hybrid or office-based.

It brings limitless accessibility and the opportunity to achieve individual coaching goals anywhere in the world. 

How can online coaching help?

Online coaching is helping us adapt to a different world, on every level. Through our collective experience of the pandemic, we saw a fundamental shift in our priorities. In a realignment of values, people are keen not only looking to reconnect after trauma and isolation but also to search for meaning and purpose in their day-to-day work. 

For employees and organizations alike, there’s a need for humanity. Employees need to feel appreciated, listened to, and able to play to their strengths. Employers must offer empathy, compassion and a new work culture based on autonomy and balance

To stay relevant and competitive, leaders will need to reimagine how they themselves work, and how they are helping their organization contribute to society. If they don’t, they may well put their businesses at risk. 

Meet CoacHub

CoachHub was founded by serial entrepreneur brothers Yannis and Matti Niebelschütz. It’s a digital coaching platform or ‘mobile coaching cloud’ that promises to unleash potential at every career level. The premise is simple – and powerful.

Company managers invite employees to join the platform, where a neat AI-based matching system recommends three business coaches who meet their individual requirements. The web-based app delivers live coaching through video conferencing via smartphone or laptop. These twice-weekly calls are supplemented with flexible ‘micro-learning’ assignments, carefully designed to support individual personal development. 

So, what are the benefits of CoacHub?

For clients, a management dashboard offers options and assessments to measure candidates’ personal development through ratings and feedback. Other dashboard functions include adding new participants, contacting coaches, and expanding development programs. 

Admin functions cover financial aspects, such as contractual matters and billing, as well as templates and communication materials. 

Every coaching program can be analyzed and evaluated in detail, enabling organizations to create a personalized, measurable and scalable coaching program for their entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level.

The benefits are unquestionable, including increased employee engagement and retention, higher levels of productivity and innovation, and improved performance.

The CoachHub mission is to democratize coaching worldwide – and their growth has been phenomenal, and truly global; CoachHub has a pool of 3,500 certified business coaches in 70 countries, with coaching sessions available in over 60 languages. Coachub has been forecasted to grow to 1000 CoachHubbers by the end of 2022.

Last year, they acquired French market leader MooveOne and this year, the coaching branch of Austrian consultancy, Klaiton. By joining forces with these brands, CoachHub is one step closer to achieving its mission to democratize coaching for all career levels worldwide.

Did you know? In June 2022 CoachHub received a Series C funding of $200 million, bringing total funding to $330 million in less than four years! Find out more here. 


From the start, CoachHub wanted to establish a company where they could “do well, while also doing good”. 

Their CoachHub4Good initiative makes this happen. 

The benefits of dedicated coaching are clear to see – but those who can’t access or afford coaching inevitably miss out. That’s where the CoachHub pledge comes into play: “With CoachHub4Good, we promise to give back and support those who support others – we pledge to provide at least 1% of coaching sessions to charities and people in need completely free of charge.” 

At first, CH4G involved coaches only, and their efforts came to the fore as the pandemic unfolded, impacting businesses and communities around the world. In response, coaches joined the cause to support employees from aid organizations particularly affected by the crisis, accompanying them through voluntary coaching on the CoachHub platform. 

CoachHub continues to offer aid organizations worldwide immediate access to their network of top-tier coaches and the digital platform, free of charge. Employees can be part of CH4G, too – every employee has one paid day of volunteer leave each year to contribute to a cause that’s personally meaningful. 

Being ‘purpose-led’ might be a corporate buzzword right now, but its implications are very real. We all want to wake up in the morning feeling energized, motivated, appreciated and fulfilled. CoachHub’s mission to democratize coaching does that by creating a culture of impact-driven work, guided by values that align with this growing desire for connection. 

Be Part of CoachHub’s Impact and Growth

The demand for coaching began to gain momentum during lockdowns and is now accelerating globally at lightning speed. As CoachHub grows to meet this need, they’re on the lookout for kind, smart and highly skilled people from all corners of the globe to join the team – if you’re keen to be part of CoachHub’s impact and growth, they’d love to hear from you!  Find out more info here.

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