How to manage your account on as a recruiter!

When you have registered on as a recruiter, you will have an account for your company. Nowadays, candidates are more selective when it comes to choosing a company to work for. This is where we come into play, can be a boost for your employer awareness if you use our platform with all its benefits. This can bring you closer to your next superhero!

Below you can find the link to the tutorial video, we made this for your user journey as a recruiter to be seamless when searching for your perfect talent!

Video tutorial

Watch a tutorial on how easy it is to manage your profile on and the additional setting on our platform!

How to use your profile!

In order to make your candidate search as easy as possible, we have a few settings which will make the process easier and attract the best possible candidates for your startup.

Why is your employer profile important?

In order to get to know more about your startup, it is important to include some information on your company profile. There the potential candidates will get insights and an impression of how your company culture might look. And you know what people are saying, the first impression matters the most!

Also, including a contact person within your profile will give it a more personal touch, which could potentially lead to more engagement. 

Are you wondering how you can step up your game in showing off your employer branding? Well, we’ve got your back! On you can join the top startups with your employer branding and expand your reach within the European ecosystem.

Let me tell you why and how:

Boost your employer branding!

Employer branding is nowadays essential when it comes to finding the right fit for your company. As it is getting more and more important, especially for young talents, that one’s own values are in line with the values of the company in order to feel more connected.

This can be achieved through your company’s profile. Where you can add information, such as the product/service you are offering, and add the company’s benefits. Also including the culture of your startup is an essential part. This can be achieved by implementing pictures or a video of your workspace, employers or the founders.

This will make your company very personal, stand out more and make you shine!

As mentioned above, it is more important than ever what kind of culture you are presenting and how you live it within the company. When you communicate it via there is no doubt that you will find your next superhero! 

One great example is App Radars EB page, they surely know how to shine within the startup ecosystem. If you want to check out more amazing EB pages of the hottest startups, click here.

Get an overview of your incoming superheroes!

When receiving applications and posting open job positions can get a little messy when you don’t have a good overview of the whole process. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that! 

On either “Job Manager” or “Dashboard” you can find the incoming applications of your next superhero and your already online job ads on our platform. On both sides, you can edit or delete the already filled positions and of course post new job openings if you are still in need of talent.

If more guidance is needed in regard to how to post a new job opening, don’t worry, a tutorial will be coming soon, stay tuned! 


On you will have a very clear and easy overview of your application process for finding your next superhero! Also, we are the first and only job platform just for startups within Europe, where you have the opportunity to easily display your company’s value and culture.

This will expand your attention on a European level and we are sure you will find your perfect match in no time!

Hopefully, this will make your user journey as smooth as possible, if questions arise and you have some difficulties, please feel free to contact:

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