Why did we decide to make job posts free?

Let’s face it, many places in Europe are at risk of experiencing an economic recession. The lasting effects of the pandemic accompanied by inflation and the rising costs of oil have made life increasingly expensive. More and more startups are having to face unfavorable conditions and act swiftly to keep afloat.

From performance slowing down and funding cuts being introduced, many startups have to face the reality of downsizing their company. We are seeing early-stage companies struggle to get started and a concerning amount of layoffs from scaled-up companies.

 The tech-startup scene has faced an alarming 15,000 layoffs in just a month of May alone!

In these hard times, we have contemplated alongside other companies about the future. Our team has been realigning our fundamental mission and that is to foster a growing space for startups. In times of change, we must change too and do our part to continue being a nurturing space. Therefore for the rest of 2022, we will make job posting for your startup free of charge!

We are not the only ones helping out, say hello to JOIN!

One of Europe’s most flourishing HR-Tech firms, JOIN has gladly offered to lend a helping hand. They are now spreading the word to all startups across Europe and growing their visibility in the startup community across the ecosystem to attract the best talents.

How? Together we automatically synchronize your startup jobs created on JOIN with wecanbeheroes.io – without any extra work on your part!

Ready to find your talent with JOIN’s all-in-one recruiting software?
You can now benefit from the automatic job synchronization for FREE using this sign-up link

Want to know more? Check out more about them and learn more in-depth about how their tools can help you spread the word about your company’s job opportunities!

What does this mean for me as a recruiter?

If you are a startup struggling to get your voice heard to the talent you need, we can be a vessel to aid you! From the 15th of September till December 31st, 2022 you no longer have to pay job posting fees on our site. All you need to do is set up your profile on wecanbeheroes.io and then enjoy your ability to post as many jobs as you want!

Here are some resources for you to begin your journey with us as a recruiter! 


What does this mean for me as a candidate?

If you are an active job seeker who has an active interest or curiosity in European startup work, we are the place for you! Our free job post for recruiters means you can now access a larger and more diverse pool of companies. When you signup and set up your account on our platform, you can have straightforward admission to see the current job market. Sign up and upload your CV to our website today to become a startup hero!

If you want to get started here is a video on how to begin your journey!



We hear you and feel your struggle. External factors are elements we cannot control but they can alter the projection of companies future. In times like these, we need to be more agile than ever but the costs can make it difficult to be flexible. Our mission for this decision is to relieve the burden on our ecosystem and hopefully help you find the talent to keep your startup growing to its full potential

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