JOIN: Our newest partner to speed up your recruiting process

A partnership that benefits you

Finding the right talent is a tough challenge for any business. Sometimes it seems like the best ones are even out-of-reach. Speaking from years of experience in the HR industry, we understand that hiring is by no means easy!

We at are therefore excited to announce our newest partnership with JOIN. It’s one of Europe’s most flourishing HR-Tech firms, with over 40.000 clients, 500.000 professionals hired via JOIN, and more than 20.000 daily applications coming in through their software, having grown at breakneck speed in recent years. 

Given that we share the same mission: to support entrepreneurs/startups in attracting and hiring the best heroes, and take their growth to the next level, this collaboration came as no surprise! This is an excellent opportunity for startups to use this collaborative setting to find and hire their next great talent more quickly and cost-effectively

So, how does JOIN work?

Using JOIN as your ATS

Having an Application Tracking System (ATS) in place is essential for corporates. Especially, when it comes to managing a large number of job postings and applications. But what about ATS for startups? Does it make sense to have one within the company? YES, it definitely does!

It’s equally important for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to use an ATS software like JOIN as it can highly improve their recruiting efficiency: making it quicker and easier to fill job vacancies. It should be noted that JOIN’s software was designed with startups and small businesses in mind. You can use their ATS completely FREE – so there’s no need for a credit card!

Key benefits of using JOIN

  1. Build job ads that convert and attract international talent (get inspired by numerous job templates)
  2. Manage & track applications from different sources
  3. Customise the hiring pipeline to your needs (kanban board)
  4. Work as a team, share notes and make decisions together
  5. Send automated emails to all candidates (confirmation and rejection messages)

Boost your hiring success through multiposting

Now that we covered how to manage your applications within JOIN’s ATS, the question remains: How to increase the number of applications with minimal effort? The answer is: Multiposting tool! 

What does “multiposting” mean? To put it in simple terms, multiposting means that you only need to build one job ad to publish it on other major job platforms. Hence, there is no need to research and post your job ad manually on many different channels.

With JOIN’s time-saving multiposting feature, you can reach a bigger audience, attract more talents and hire the best hero from a number of qualified applicants. The coolest thing about it? All this with just one click! 

To help you get started and get a sense of the power of this multiposting tool feature, JOIN offers you the possibility to automatically promote your job ad on 10+ free major job boards including Google, Indeed, Kimeta and XING, among others.  

Premium job boards

If you want to use JOIN’s tool to its fullest potential, you can invest in premium job boards, like on our own job platform Since premium job boards are often specialised or niche job boards – allowing you to target specific groups and industries – recruiting is especially effective here as you’ll receive more applications from relevant and qualified talents!

Pushing your job ad created on JOIN to, the European startup job platform, will give you the visibility you need across the European talent market!

We connect you with the greatest startup fit talents eager to help your business reach new heights!  



Ready to find your new heroes? Sign up for FREE using this link (and as a new client get a discount of 25% on their premium plans), create your job ad, and easily push it to to improve your outreach to the best startup talents!

Every recruiter needs an ATS tool

Are you a recruiter looking for the right ATS for your company? Preferably, a tool that allows you to manage your hiring and recruiting processes, while at the same time, increase the number of relevant applications coming in? Then check out JOIN’s all-in-one recruiting software!

They like to call their tool a “Talent Attraction Software”. It’s an intuitive, user-friendly, and must-have tool for every business seeking their next great hero to join their team.


To attract better talent even faster, choose the upgrade “” in the premium job board store within JOIN, and start receiving applications from startup-ready heroes all over Europe! Sit back and watch the tool do its magic.

So, what do you have to lose? Create a FREE account now, share your job ad on free and premium job boards, and increase your chances of finding the best talents out there!

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