Every week you spend 40 hours at work. It’s your vocation, it’s a social circle, it’s a part of your identity. Naturally, if you are not happy at work, it dramatically affects the quality of your life.

That is why it’s crucial to recognize early signs of issues at work, so you can either work through them or start thinking about leaving the company.

5 Early signs that you are unhappy in the workplace

Sometimes we don’t realize till the last minute that our current job is the cause of our dissatisfaction with life.

Here are some early signs that your current workplace might not be sparking joy:

1. Sunday Blues and Morning Misery

Your Sundays and mornings are spent dreading the working days ahead. As simple as it may sound, this should be your first sign to question whether you are content with your working arrangement.

2. You procrastinate a lot

Contrary to popular belief, laziness does not exist. Procrastination always has reasons. If you procrastinate on work tasks, consider what may stand behind your resistance. 

3. You are permanently stressed

Periods of increased stress throughout our lives are normal. It’s how our body reacts to the challenges we face.

But we all know how harmful chronic stress is, right? If you are under constant pressure, it may indicate an unhealthy working arrangement.

4. You don’t feel a part of the collective

Suppose you are excluded from the team or unable to present yourself authentically. In that case, you should look closely at the reasons behind it. It may indicate unhealthy or unfitting corporate culture.

5. You compromise on your values

Last but not least, sacrificing your values and principles eats at us, whether we notice it or not. If that’s the case, consider if this arrangement is worth it in the long term.


Should I quit my job?

If you are unhappy at your job, there are different ways of approaching it. The salary can be negotiated, conflicts worked out, and tasks altered. Actually, many problems can be solved without leaving your job. 

Also, the discontent you feel may be temporal. For instance, it takes roughly 3 to 6 months to adapt to a new job, and even longer if there is a career change. 

And yet, there are some cases in which there is a mismatch between you and your workplace. So, look for these signs to consider if you should leave your job. The first and very important is toxic company culture.

5 Signs of a toxic workplace culture

Sometimes company cultures just do not fit. Other times they’re outright toxic. In the latter case, there is not much you can do about it other than decide to leave.

So how do you know if you are in a toxic workplace?

There are a few definitions of toxic company culture. Some are very elaborate and include:

1. Working at lunchtime, weekends, and after hours

Is working overtime something ‘normal’ in your company? Do people routinely stay at their desks at lunch and past working hours? This is a sure sign of an unhealthy corporate culture.

2. Unhealthy competition

If outperforming colleagues becomes the goal, it could be counterproductive and harmful. Sabotage, information hoarding, and rival alliances are signs of toxic competitiveness.

3. People don’t grow or get promoted

Do people get promoted within the company or just quit? High staff turnover and impossible standards for promotion mean the company is not interested in your growth. Not good.

4. Destructive feedback

Insults or passive aggression are always tell-tale. But insincere praise or a simple lack of actual points for improvement also can be destructive. Unlike constructive, it inhibits our growth and may harm our well-being.

5. Silencing practices

They may take various forms: both overt and not. You may be punished for speaking up, but more often than not, simple indifference is enough to discourage criticism or constructive feedback.

If you are noticing one or more of these workplace issues, most likely, there is a bad company culture at play. Take them as a sign that you need a new job.

Good workplace, bad fit

But what if your workplace isn’t bad? The team is friendly, the culture is on point, and there are no signs of toxicity around, but you still find yourself unsatisfied. Maybe, this workplace just doesn’t fit you.

An unfit workplace can manifest itself differently:

·   The company doesn’t fit your values

·   The growth trajectory doesn’t fit your goals

·   The processes do not fit your style of work

·   The company culture doesn’t fit your preferences (even a good one!)

Sometimes, what fitted us in the past doesn’t fit anymore. Because we change and evolve, as do our needs. Knowing when you should quit is essential for moving your career forward.

Accepting the “I should quit my job” feeling 

So, the signs that you should quit your job are clearly there, but you are still on edge?

Our jobs are essential to our identity, and parting is always complicated. Especially so if you have just recently joined the company.

However, there is no point in denying your feelings: if you know, you know.

Companies are interested in having motivated, productive, and loyal workers. Honesty is crucial if you find their business approach does not match yours. Both for you and the company.

How do I quit my job?

When you are ready to move forward, it’s essential to do it right. Slamming the door behind you never helped anyone.

·  Be honest but respectful about why you are leaving your job

·  Talk with your supervisors in person

·  Give a 2 weeks’ notice (at least!)

·  Finish all your tasks and transfer responsibilities

·  Write a goodbye note to your team

Last impressions matter as much as the first ones do!

How to find a company that fits for you

The final step is to find a company that fits. You’ve just had a first-hand experience of learning what you don’t want. Use it! 

Consider corporate culture, team dynamics, and work processes when choosing your next workplace. Often, they’re forgotten behind the salaries, tasks, and titles.

Learn more about the new developments in the work culture, and make sure you know what you are looking for.

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