As startups are seeing a great boost and many people want to join the ecosystem, hiring managers are overwhelmed. And let’s be honest – hiring processes are tough. Not only for candidates but also for startups: all the sourcing, interview questions, follow-ups, and so on.

There are many differences between the startup and the corporate world, but one is definitely the same: we all become pickier and more demanding when it comes to choosing our potential workplaces. On the one hand, we say “thank you Google & Co.” for slowly freeing our work culture from a dusty image of cubicles or grey suits and rather turning it into a colorful playground with countless benefits. On the other hand, this implies plenty more effort from the employer’s side, with employer branding significantly growing in importance.

As experienced consultants at Speedinvest Heroes, we slip into the role of our candidates and ask ourselves questions like “How can we grab job seekers’ attention?”, “What could motivate them to work for a certain startup?” or “Do they have the necessary skill-set needed for startup life?”. If you want to hire as many employees as Bitpanda or Tier does, you need to have clear answers to these questions.

We always have to adopt the human-centered approach and truly focus on the people behind the CVs while still presenting your startup roles and responsibilities.

In order to detect the right employees, it is of utmost importance to clearly define your job positions and the related responsibilities as well as requirements. Since nowadays every occupation goes under at least 3 different titles – it can be quite confusing and difficult to write accurate job postings. Far too often, it happens that the main areas of responsibility are not communicated explicitly enough, only leading to disappointment on all sides.

This is why we summarized 33 job description templates created by Recruitee for the most in-demand positions in startups, which you can freely use as an inspiration for your next job ads.

Note: These templates are meant to give a direction in terms of content only. It is not only about sharing the positions with the roles and responsibilities. Startup job temples have to have their own flare to them and If you want your business to stand out, be creative, match design and wording to your corporate ID, and spice it up with some sense of humor!

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