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You heard right! HROS is welcoming Talentuno to double down resources to ultimately combine crowdsourcing with AI matching. Now you will find us redefining Recruitment in CEE and DACH.

Who is HROS now?

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people think about their careers and the way companies approach hiring by providing a solution that benefits both. We’re not just another job search engine or recruitment platform. Our game-changing product empowers job seekers to discover their dream jobs with ease, while companies can find the best candidates quickly and reliably. Talentuno and HROS have merged to form a unified company under the HROS brand, in an exciting development that promises to go after a major problem: bad hires. Why are we doing this? Because we aim to assist businesses in making better hiring decisions. We believe that by combining our knowledge and expertise in crowdsourcing, personality diagnostics, and AI matching, we can offer advanced ML-based recruitment tools utilizing personality-based matching. By using the power of our data and modern candidate-sourcing methods, we hope to change the way businesses connect with talent. We will discuss the significance of our collaboration, the inspiration behind becoming recruitech focused, and the advantages of personality-based matching.  

HROS and Talentuno joining forces: Why should you care?

By combining our resources, technologies, and talents, HROS is better equipped to tackle the evolving needs of the modern labor market.  As total entrepreneurial activity has increased compared to 2020, we are ready to assist businesses in their search for the best talent.  With a shared vision for innovation and a commitment to enhancing the HR experience, this merger is set to shape the future of AI recruitment services within central Europe. Talentuno has a history in the markets of Hungary, Serbia, and Poland. Through their crowdsourcing platform, Talentuno enables individuals to refer their network and effortlessly assist them in discovering job opportunities, while also receiving rewards for their referrals. With a pool of over 44,700 talent on the platform and 30.000+ MatchMaker, The effectiveness of the platform in optimizing talent acquisition has been demonstrated, offering clients access to a diverse pool of highly skilled talents. Interested in becoming a MatchMaker? Sign up as one today! HROS will benefit from a variety of expansions as a result of this transaction. We will be able to intergrate the CEE region to eventually supply applicants with our crowdsourcing platform in the DACH area. In addition, by combining our data-driven talent acquisition approach with Talentuno’s systems, the future of HROS holds immense potential for transforming recruitment and shaping the HR tech landscape.   

Becoming a new HR Tech Company

With a clear vision as an HR-Tech startup, we wholeheartedly embrace the need for revolutionary technology to elevate recruitment operations and achieve exceptional outcomes. HROS is dedicated to empowering companies with cutting-edge HR solutions by harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics. Our unwavering focus is to guide firms in making data-driven and insightful recruiting decisions, ensuring success throughout the entire employment process.  

Personality-based Matching 

Personality-based matching is one of the primary areas of focus for the future of HROS. Traditional recruiting practices frequently place priority on skills and experience, ignoring the essential factors of cultural fit and personality attributes. However, we can see based on our experience that a candidate’s personality plays an important influence on their long-term success and engagement inside a firm. The greatest asset of a company is its people. With personality-based matching organizations can make the correct hiring from the outset to prevent wasting money, time, and resources. Want to start matching the best talent for your open positions? Sign up today! HROS is devoted to assisting companies in identifying individuals whose personalities connect with their corporate culture and values through the use of powerful algorithms and machine learning models. This strategy increases the chances of long-term employee satisfaction while decreasing turnover rates. Organizations may develop cohesive teams and foster a healthy work environment through personality-based matching, which boosts productivity and growth.  

Benefits of Personality-based Matching for Companies

1. Enhanced Cultural Fit.

Personality-based matching guarantees that talent not only has the requisite abilities but also matches the company’s culture and values. This alignment fosters a positive work atmosphere and increases employee retention.  

2. Improved Hiring Accuracy. 

Organizations can make more accurate forecasts about a candidate’s future performance inside the firm by considering personality attributes and qualifications. This leads to more informed recruiting decisions and reduces the probability of mismatches and bad hires.  

3. Increased Engagement and Productivity.

Employees are more likely to be interested, motivated, and devoted to their job when they are hired based on their personality match. Overall productivity and organizational performance benefit from this.  

4. Time and Cost Efficiency.

Personality-based matching shortens the recruiting process by reducing the pool of candidates to those most likely to succeed in the business. This saves time and money, allowing companies to concentrate on other important goals.  


This new alliance under the HROS brand marks a significant leap forward. Together, we form a powerhouse dedicated to revolutionizing AI recruitment services, leveraging crowdsourcing and Machine Learning based recruitment solutions. Our focus is to avoid bad hires and redefine recruitment through personality-based matching. HROS empowers companies to make data-driven decisions by harnessing sophisticated technology and the science of personality evaluation. This merger unlocks the transformative potential of matching individuals with the right skills and cultural fit, fostering a culture of engagement, productivity, and lasting success. Gain a competitive edge in attracting top talent with HROS’s game-changing approach. Are you a talent looking to match with the right job? Find your dream job today!  

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