Discover the latest tech trends that are emerging in Europe and get an insight into the most innovative and exciting events of 2024.

Attending a tech fair is an excellent way for talented individuals to network with employers, find new job opportunities, and learn about industry trends. Potential job seekers can gain insight into the skills and qualifications they need to succeed by learning what employers are looking for and what technology they are using. Tech events also allow you to network with peers and gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole.

Let’s look into the biggest tech events happening in Europe


Tech Summit Europe | Amsterdam

tech summit europe

What is Tech Summit Europe?

TechSummit is a leading event organizer renowned for curating cutting-edge technology conferences and exhibitions worldwide. From Silicon Valley to Europe, Tech Summit will be unveiling the latest innovations in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Why should you join Tech Summit Europe?

This event brings masterclasses, interactive workshops, and enlightening discussions led by pioneering speakers. This event is great if you see to forge connections with industry leaders, enhance your skills, and immerse yourself in the modern tech realm within Europe.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Date: 18th of April

Link to event: Event Info


FIBE | Berlin

What is FIBE?

Europe’s first fintech festival, FIBE Berlin Festival brings together disruptive fintech innovations and traditional banking in a combined immersive expo and conference environment, encouraging industry experts, visionaries, and enthusiasts to collaborate, network, and share knowledge.


Why should you join FIBE?

The organizers invite participants to delve into the world of finance, encompassing the entire value chain, as FIBE bridges traditional banking with disruptive fintech. At FIBE, attendees will encounter the latest industry trends and developments through a dynamic congress and EXPO setup, fostering interaction with key players, experts, workshops, and curated mini-events, promising inspiration and engagement.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: 24th & 25th April

Link to event: Event Info


Tech Meetups | Zurich

tech meetups event with people in a crowd

What are Tech Meetups?

For the past 11 years, tech meetups have been interconnected with 22 communities, with 80 successful job fairs, and over 1,200 companies looking to hire talent!  With over 65,000 attendees from all over the world, companies both big and small are eager to connect with the talent they attract.  

Tech Meetups event in Zurich is one of the biggest career events of the year in Zurich, so if you are in the area this is not an event to miss!

Why should you join Tech Meetups events?

With the power shift to the talent, you the talent are the event’s main focus, and businesses are there hoping to attach the talent they need. Tech meetups have hosted events in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Madrid, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Munich, Dublin, Bern, Zurich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, New York, and many more locations.

Want to find out more about their events across the world?

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Date: 2nd May

Link to event: Event Info

Can’t attend their event in Zurich? No problem, Tech Meetups hosts events all over Europe!

Find out more on the event info.

Tech Jobs Fair | Vienna


What is Tech Jobs Fair?

One of the largest activities of ViennaUP’24 Week is the Tech Jobs Fair Vienna, which brings together corporates, startups, and talents. Vienna Business Agency and other partners are proud to support this initiative. If you’re looking for a new tech job, this is the place to be. It’s also a fantastic networking chance to expand your network while meeting individuals from other nations in the Austrian capital overlooking the Danube.


Why should you join Tech Jobs Fair? 

They have 25,000 visitors in total so far and plan to reach up to 100,000 by the end of this year! This is a great opportunity for local and international talents to connect with companies. Our team will be attending this year’s Tech Jobs Fair so come say hi!

Along with Vienna, this year they have events in cities such as Budapest, Lisbon, Berlin, and Zurich!

Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: 6th June

Link to event: Event Info

Find out more on the events across Europe.


Business Fest | Budapest

business fest budapest

What is Business Fest?

The Business Fest in Budapest is an annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators, and professionals from various industries to exchange ideas, network, and explore opportunities for collaboration. The event typically features keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions focusing on topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, finance, marketing, and leadership.

Why should you join Business Fest? 

Throughout the event, attendees can also take part in networking sessions, business matchmaking activities, and pitch competitions. In addition, providing them with opportunities to showcase their ideas, products, and services, as well as to forge meaningful connections within the business community.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Date: 13th June

Link to event: Event Info


ITCS & Career Summit| Hamburg

itcs & career summit

What is ITCS & Career Summit?

The ITCS is a distinctive German organization that has been holding IT job fairs, festivals, and conferences. They concentrate on the technological future and networking opportunities for IT-focused talents. They hold discussions with world-class specialists in addition to panels from some of the most renowned tech corporations. Also, they test out the newest prototypes in the modern tech scene and offer insights into cutting-edge tech topics.

This year’s event in Hamburg brings the latest tech from European tech giants and startups to showcase their innovations to the public.


Why should you join one of ITCS & Career Summit’s events? 

Their events bring a unique variety of networking opportunities and insight within the industry, compared to other events. Their events showcase innovations from some of the leading companies in the industry along with providing job opportunities to talents in tech. Along with showcases, they provide discussion panels, performances, and a tech podcast

Along with Hamburg, This year ITCS & Career Summit is hosting events across Germany in cities in Bernlin, Darmstadt, Cologne, Munich, and Frankfurt!

: Hamburg, Germany

Date: 21th June

Link to event: Event Info

Want to learn more info about their events across Germany? Find out more here!


JSConf | Budapest


What is JSConf?

Developers, engineers, and fans come together at JSConf Budapest, a conference dedicated to JavaScript and associated technologies, to discuss the most recent developments, trends, and industry best practices.

It offers a forum where participants may network, pick the brains of industry professionals, and take part in talks and workshops about JavaScript development.

Why should you join JSConf? 

Attending the conference provides an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, learn from industry experts, gain insights into best practices, and engage in discussions that can enhance their skills and knowledge in JavaScript development. Additionally, participating in JSConf Budapest offers a chance to be part of a vibrant community and contribute to the growth and evolution of JavaScript programming!

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Date: 26th-28th June

Link to event: Event Info


Infobip Shift| Zadar

Infobip Shift

What is Infobip Shift?

Infobip Shift It is the ideal venue for tech talent to attend to advance their skills and knowledge because it is one of the largest tech conferences in the area. The event provides guests with a platform to network with like-minded individuals while showcasing the most recent developments in the business.


Why should you join Infobip Shift?

This year’s Infobip Shift event in Zadar, Croatia is a fantastic tech occasion with a variety of activities and industry speakers. Along with the knowledge they might pick up, the event offers guests a wonderful chance to grow their professional networks. The event planners have cultivated a warm and laid-back ambiance that encourages guests to form deep ties with one another.

Location: Zadar, Croatia 

Date: 16-17th of September

Link to event: Event Info


Heapcon | Belgrade


What is Heapcon?

The leading regional tech conference in Belgrade, Heapcon, brings together over 40 international speakers and local authorities to discuss everything from Web3 and AI to scaling and performance.


Why should you join WebSummit?

Join Heapcon to enjoy two fantastic days packed with thought-provoking talks and priceless networking opportunities. With over 20 years of experience creating amazing conference experiences, Heapspace has carefully selected these events, which promise to raise awareness, widen networks and rekindle enthusiasm for technology in a lively and welcoming environment.

: Belgrade, Serbia 

Date: 7th-8th of November

Link to event: Event Info


WebSummit | Lisbon


What is WebSummit?

WebSummit is an annual gathering of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, technology companies, and media in Lisbon, Portugal. WebSummit is an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and share ideas with some of the most influential people in the technology industry. It attracts over 70,000 attendees from all over the world, making it one of Europe’s most significant technology events.


Why should you join WebSummit?

The event allows attendees to learn about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the tech world, as well as share their own experiences and insights.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with keynote speakers and participate in a variety of workshops and panels. The event also includes an exhibition area where attendees can display their products and services.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal 

Date: 11-14th of November

Link to event: Event Info



Overall, Europe is a vibrant tech event destination with something for everyone. There are plenty of great events to attend if you’re looking for the latest technological innovations or simply want to network with industry professionals. This list of the best tech events in Europe will help you find the perfect event to attend this year, from small meetups to massive conferences. So, take a look and start planning your next European tech adventure!

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