When you say “I work in digital marketing…”, you’ll always need to be more specific! There are so many areas, university degrees, and software – some of them you know for sure if you work in digital marketing, like Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

Marketing is an industry of innovation: for example, by the end of 2020 85% of customer interactions are predicted to be handled without external human help, but AI algorithms. Crazy, right?

Now, you are probably asking yourself, how can I stay up-to-date? By checking out our list of top 5 digital marketing online courses! Take the time to collect hands-on knowledge, skills, and great digital marketing tools to use. Read for more if you also want to become a marketing rockstar!

Google Digital Garage

If you truly want to improve your digital marketing skills, Google Digital Garage is super important! It offers free online marketing training to improve digital skills. There are multiple short learning modules available, divided into three main categories:

  • Data and Tech
  • Digital Marketing
  • Career Development.

The lecture is organized in two parts: an explanatory video and then tests to verify your understanding of the topic. Some of the courses are basic, while some offer quality information about SEO and Google Ads.


HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy provides inbound marketing, sales, and customer service education. The platform covers all the relevant marketing topics, including marketing automation.

  • There are 94 different courses and corresponding certifications available.
  • Some of the courses are for free, some require the payment of a fee but the price is worth the money!



Copyhackers is an online platform, offering copyright and marketing guidance through courses, tutorials, and useful resources. The main focus lies in sales and lead generation – no pig in a poke! On the website, there are proven ways to master copywriting and measure how a copy impacts sales. The subscription is expensive, but the content is worthed:

  • 7 complete copywriting programs
  • more than 150 training videos, templates, and workbooks will be available to you.
  • Some of the courses are available for free and they offer some basic knowledge.


WordPress 101

WP101 is a platform offering support to beginners for WordPress use. It presents more than

  • 260 video tutorials
  • 13 courses, starting from the basics and using a simplified language.

Some of the videos are available for free, afterward, it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription to have access to the whole catalog. A free trial is available for 7 days.


Creator Academy Youtube

Creator Academy is a free set of resources offered by Google to boost your visibility on YouTube and optimize your channels. The online courses are grouped into categories, based on the goal you want to pursue:

  • Go Live is for beginners
  • Monetization
  • Content Pivot
  • Community Engagement
  • Production.


Many tools, such as Adobe programs and Buffer, offer online tutorials to use their products and provide some marketing insights. That’s the beauty of the 21st century: based on your goals, you can find everything online!


Digital marketing is a fast-changing industry, and the only way to stay ahead of your competitors is by educating yourself. When you decide to take action, you won’t regret it! All the digital marketing courses listed above will give you:

  • examples of tools that will make your life much easier
  • real-life knowledge about pitfalls and best practices
  • and valuable insights into trends.

After completing the digital marketing courses, be ready to fully update your CV with these top-notch resume builders of 2020!

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