On wecanbeheroes.io, we have the right startup jobs for you, all you need to do is choose your preferences. Are you looking for jobs in various occupations, like Software Development, Sales, Product Management, Marketing or perhaps HR? And what if you’d like to further deepen your job search? We have many options for you: jobs in English or German, remote jobs or freelance jobs. Or do you prefer one city to another? Explore startup jobs in Berlin, Vienna, or London and join the exciting startup ecosystem of Europe!

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Here we share with you the seamless journey of registering and optimising your profile on wecanbeheroes.io, turn on your job alerts & find the job of your life!


How to use the job platform

To make the job search as easy as possible for you, we’ll explain a little bit about the functionalities of wecanbeheroes.io

To send your job application, we highly advise you to create a profile and sign-in first. You don’t have to worry, the process is really fast and will save you a lot of time for the future! When you create a profile on our platform and upload your CV, it gets parsed. The data from your CV you wish to send for job applications will automatically be filled out in your profile, so you don’t have to fill it in manually! Of course, if you wish to, you can easily skip this step and insert your resume data manually.

If you want to make sure you do everything correctly, we advise you to sign in from your computer rather than your phone. A small screen can be hard to manage and accidentally you might display data you don’t actually want to!

Why should you create a profile

If you decide to create a profile on our job search platform, it’s going to be easier for startups to scout your profile. It’s also a big help for you since you can set up job alerts and store all your data in one place. You can also add valuable job application information about yourself and share it with the startup recruiters to make yourself stand out from the crowd! You can include your job skills to find a fitting job or your languages so you can apply for jobs in English, for example. You can of course also include your previous job experiences, your studies and official education institutions and other relevant filters like transcripts.

Everything comes together in the dashboard. There, you can manage the customization of your job application data. You can decide if you want to make your profile available for recruiters, edit your job alert and keep track of all the job applications you’ve submitted to the best startups of Europe!

What kind of filters can you use

To match the most suitable startup jobs for you, you can set up several filters. For employment type, you can choose from full-time jobs, remote jobs, part-time jobs, internships, freelancer and working student jobs. Furthermore, we have many industries to choose from, such as Fintech, SaaS, Consumer Tech, and E-commerce. While you might also be interested in filters by occupation, like Software Development, Sales & Business Development, Product Management or Marketing & Communications. Our job search platform is specifically designed for European startups, therefore we also have locations all over Europe: Vienna, Berlin, London, Paris and many more. When you are searching for locations, you can both choose the region from the filter options or directly type it in the search bar! After signing up, you can also indicate your desired salary, whether you’re actively or passively looking for a job and when are you available to start. 

How to find exciting European Startups

Have you always been interested in famous European startups, like Bitpanda, CoachHub, Byrd, Tier, or ready2order? If yes, you can easily find them on our platform and discover more about them! 

When you click on the “Startups” tab in the menu bar, a whole new world of possibilities will open up in front of you. If you are one of those people for whom culture and values are of great importance, here you can browse through the coolest startups and learn more about them! And when you did, make sure to apply to one of their jobs listed below their company profiles. 



On our startup job platform, there are many ways to find the job of your dreams! It’s your time to shine in one of the European startups – our job matching platform wants to deliver the easiest way possible for you. Doesn’t matter if you are actively searching for vacancies in Software Development, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, or HR, our full-time, part-time, internships, remote, working student, and freelancer jobs will satisfy your needs!

Now register with us, turn on your job ads, and before you know it, you found your dream job!

Hopefully, this will make your user journey as smooth as possible, if questions arise and you have some difficulties, please feel free to contact: kimmy.ignacio@speedinvest-heroes.com

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