Hold on to your headphones, because the New York Times has taken podcasting to the next level with the help of an unlikely co-host: Chat GPT! That’s right, move over Joe Rogan and Conan O’Brien, because now even computers are getting in on the podcasting game.

After hearing how advanced the new Chatbot developed by OpenAI is, finishing students’ homework and correcting mistakes in computer code, New York Times podcasters, Kevin Roose and Casey Newton, decided to test it out themselves.

They started with a command “Write a sassy, energetic intro for a podcast hosted by Casey Newton and Kevin Roose. Indicate which lines should be read by Casey and which should be read by Kevin. Go”

In just a few seconds, they got exactly what they asked for; a witty, humorous, and sassy intro to their weekly episode.

Besides letting the machine do the work for them, they go into discussing the growing popularity of Chat GPT and its benefits, as well as things that could potentially go wrong. They also invite Aviv Ovadya, a technologist and affiliate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, to discuss the topic of the future of AI with them.

So grab a cup of coffee, settle in for some laughs, and get ready to hear what happens when machines try to become the next big thing in audio entertainment. Follow the link to listen!


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