How to use as a recruiter

It is always a challenge to find the right fit for your company. Especially in a startup, you are looking for a talent who is passionate, enthusiastic, with entrepreneurial thinking, and with a big drive to learn and explore more. On the chance is quite high that you will find your perfect match!

Below you can find the link to the tutorial video, we made this tutorial so your user journey as a recruiter is seamless when registering.

Video tutorial on how to start your journey with us!

Here we share with you the easy steps of registering and optimizing your profile on

  1. Set up a profile, 
  2. Upload your open positions and
  3. Find your best talent!

How to use the job platform

In order to upload your open job positions you have to create a profile, don’t worry it doesn’t take too much time and it is really simple. When you are registering yourself as a recruiter, you first need to include some of your information.

In the next step, you’re inserting the company’s information, such as the name and the location. Afterwards, you will receive an email, where you have to verify the created account and your registration is complete.

You are now ready to upload your open job positions and we are sure the best talents are already waiting for you in the pipeline!

Boost your employer branding on!

If you want to expand your reach within Europe, our platform is the way to go. With the first European job platform for only startups, you will have a greater reach within the startup ecosystem than ever before. Also, we can boost your employer branding (EB), where we have your company displayed on our platform, you can include a lot of detailed information for any candidate to see.

You can include information about your benefits, photos, an EB video of your company, additional information about your culture, and much more. It’s up to you what you would like to share. This would create more attention towards your company and the culture it represents.

Employer branding example of Bitpanda

Check out the Employer Branding for Bitpanda here.

Want to check it out yourself? We aren’t shy about the Top Startups to watch, with many more EB pages to check out!


On our startup job platform, you can shine within the startup ecosystem and there is no better and easier way to find passionate, enthusiastic, and driven talents for your startup! 

Now all you have to do is register your startup! Before you know it you will have found your superhero!

Hopefully, this will make your user journey as smooth as possible, if questions arise and you have some difficulties, please feel free to contact:

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