Founder Talk - HROS

Listen to the interview with Maria Baumgartner and Lukas Rippitsch who share valuable insights about their startup career, what are the strengths needed in this ecosystem and how to build up a kick-ass team to bring the envisioned products to life!

The key insights of the interview

  • The idea behind the Founder Talk concept
  • Maria Baumgartner’s journey in the startup scene and the idea behind Speedinvest Heroes
  • Past, present, and future outlook of Speedinvest Heroes
  • Key learnings over the years from Maria Baumgartner & Lukas Rippitsch
  • Who Lukas Ripptisch admires most and why?
  • Team building and key traits in order to become successful
  • Core values and company culture of Speedinvest Heroes
  • Product announcement and why we need you!

Check out the video here

If you want to know more, read below.

Meet Maria Baumgartner, a proud female founder who has been part of the startup ecosystem, before it even existed. With nearly 30 years of experience, she gives us inspirational and important insights on how to thrive & the importance of ‘people business’.

Maria Baumgartner is the founder of Speedinvest Heroes, and with her co-manager, Lukas Rippitsch, they bring structure to their passionate ideas. Together they make the perfect team. Speedinvest Heroes is in the business of people. Since they started as a startup themselves they know exactly how startups live, breathe and operate. They have successfully made their mark and have now become a trusted company in the startup ecosystem.

After their late seed-stage financing round in 2021, they have now launched a new product, This is a brand new job platform, with a focus on startups, where both candidates and startups have all the tools needed to get their needs met! And not only that, but also a media hub for additional help to thrive.

As this is the first Founder Talk we are releasing, there are lots of insights given from both, Maria as a female founder, and Lukas as an expert.

They both share very insightful details about their experiences and much more, the most exciting part is the announcement at the end and what’s yet to come! We are excited to bring to you, the Founder Talk concept and for all the future founders yet to come.

We hope this brings you knowledge, learnings & inspiration to start your own startup journey. This is only the start, and if you are curious about what more is coming, you will need to watch their Founder Talk to not miss out!

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