Technology moves rapidly and changes the way we behave, either you move with it or you get left behind. This is exactly what the co-founder Bastian Kellhofer of Trending Topics saw and decided to move with it. As a young journalist he realised it was time to think innovatively and make it all digital. Today Trending Topics is a digital media platform where you find the latest news with all the hottest topics from the startup world.

The key insights of the interview

  • Inspiration behind Trending Topics
  • Future outlook and mission on Trending Topics
  • Best advice for Founders
  • First hire and how they used their network
  • Hire for the approach to the job and not skills
  • Company Culture at Trending Topics
  • How they handle mistakes within the team
  • Onboarding process

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Bastian Kellhofer and Jakob Steinschaden are the proud founders of Trending Topics. Today Trending Topics is the fastest growing innovation portal in Austria. They share information from a wide spectrum of startups, mobility, blockchain, crypto and all other topics that are important for the innovation landscape. They even opened their own Podcast recently, for the german speaking audience. Their goal for the future is to build a “digital and modern media house for all of Europe” – now that is what we call a vision.

In the Founder Talk with Bastian, he shares the beginning of Trending Topics, how it came to be and the journey. Bastian also reflects on the past and all the different roles he had to take on in the beginning, suddenly going from a journalist to HR all the way to a sales person. He laughs it off by saying you learn it all on the way.

Some of the best advice he has for founders is to “listen to your people” and connect with them on a holistic level, so it’s more of a rounded relationship. He also shares some excellent insights on how their company handles mistakes and their onboarding process, maybe you are their next hire?

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