Need insights from a person who is the literal definition of an entrepreneur? Need to know his key indicators to succeed in the startup ecosystem or his biggest mistakes in this wild journey that started in 1992? Well, we got you covered!

The key insights of the interview

  • His professional growth, starting several companies
  • Importance of raising a venture found
  • Relationship between founders and venture capitals
  • His key learning strengths
  • Mistakes on the journey he made
  • Leading core values of Speedinvest
  • Hr learning, what to do and not to do
  • Success traits to have as a founder
  • Advice for female founders

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Oliver has been in the entrepreneur game since 1992. He started his journey whilst studying for his masters and came to the realization that he wanted to do something on his own. His first entrepreneurial adventure started from a curious student club, with zero idea on how to build a scalable business, to the success of Speedinvest. He does describe the beginning as some of the best days where they loved what they did and did not care if they didn’t earn any money!?
Now that sounds like he found his calling!

As his experiences range from nearly 30 years he really knows what he is talking about and anyone will find his information valuable. One of the key takeaways from this interview is that if you are passionate, hard-working, want to create impact and ready to step out of the comfort zone – you are already on the way to potential success.

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