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How can you make the most out of your career?

Let’s be honest, career sucks sometimes. Making career decisions, all the way from the early years of high school can seem like such tough decisions. You feel helpless and don’t understand how you are supposed to figure out what you want to do for the rest. Of. Your. Life. Sounds dramatic, but we do know what you’re feeling, we’ve been there and struggled with the same over-the-top but somehow very human feelings.  

And now the good news: career development doesn’t have to suck, it should be an exciting adventure. We created a brand new solution, your new bestie for career coaching if you will, that is here to answer all your problems. We continuously worked for the past 2 years to understand what went wrong with career development, and the results you see are just the beginning! It has so much potential, we had a hard time adding everything into one article. Instead, we asked the responsible Product Owner, Karin Levy, to share her thoughts with you about the brand new Career Coach and why it will be a game changer for you!


First of all, how did the product idea come to life?

After years of working with thousands of talents, we realized that so many of them don’t know what they really want, or when they do, they don’t know how to get there. Over time, this makes people so unhappy that they don’t even know, working can and should be fun! We saw it in real time – once we helped explore what fits someone’s personality, values, mindset, and other preferences, it was life-changing for them. When we created the Career Coach, we also wanted to represent the powershift we saw in the market – while talents are now in the driving seats, there’s nothing out there that really focuses on helping them to consistently improve in their career and find the career path of their dreams.


Who do you want to help exactly with the Career Coach?

Short answer: everyone who is working or planning to be working at some point in their lives. 


Okay, and what is the long answer…?

The long answer is complex for a good reason! Solving most career development issues is not an easy task, since they constantly change based on which phase of your life you’re in. At a younger age, it’s hard to decide which career path fits your personality, interest, and limited skill set. You’re not confident enough in your potential, and often feel the injustice in hiring only people with experience – but how can you gain experience when no one gives you the trust first?! Annoying, I know. 

Then, you have to leave the educational institution and get used to working full-time. Mental health issues, insecurities, and unknown situations might arise, that you don’t know how to solve by yourself. At this point, the lack of people who can really understand and help you becomes a real problem.

A couple of years into your career, when you would think that everything has finally settled down, that’s when the next stage hits you. Do I really want to do this for the rest of my life? What really motivates me? What fits best with my personality? Am I really happy?! Some people are afraid to even ask these questions because changing careers seems so scary to them. 


Wow you are right, this is quite a list. But how can you help with all these career issues?

In the Career Coach, you can find solutions that can help you with your specific situation. So, if you are unsure what to do in your career, for example, you can try out our Career Path Finder which will give you alternatives based on what your peers are doing. Or, if you feel like you need help, our Talent Coaches are there, ready to jump into a meeting with you and guide you along your learning journey. When you feel lost, you can easily reach out to our community, a bunch of people who are also walking in your shoes and having the same struggles as you are. These are only some of the solutions you can try out, and I promise you, there’s so much more to come!


This all sounds too good to be true. Is the career coaching product really for free?!

Yes, it really is! There are no hidden costs, so you really have nothing to lose.


Is the career coaching online?

Yes, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for the talents. You can use both desktop and mobile, and for the real mobile experience, I would recommend adding the Career Coach to your home screen!




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