Learning a new language is challenging, especially if you don’t have the chance to speak it or listen to it on a regular basis. There are many different resources and tools online to master a language, but it is often difficult to find good material for free even though the internet made it much easier. Moreover, there are also different strategies and not each of them works for everybody: some people need more repetition, some struggle with the grammar rules and others are afraid to simply speak. Languages are also key features when applying for jobs. Here you can find the best apps that help you learn languages!


Busuu is an online community for language learning with more than 100 million learners worldwide. It provides 12 different languages and users can sign up for free. Each language course has four different stages, based on the Common European Framework of Reference, ranging from beginner (A1) to upper-intermediate level (B2). 

The courses are designed to provide all tools to master a language and each lesson contains vocabulary, grammar, and exercises to build conversational and writing skills around different useful topics.


Duolingo is an online tool to improve your language skills in a fun way and it counts 1.2 billion users. The gamification of the process makes the lesson more effective, thanks to immediate grading and rewarding of your progress. The lessons are tailored to your learning style. 

The courses cover 38 different languages and the app is available for free in order to give everybody a chance to learn a new language. 



Babel is a learning app and e-learning platform providing courses to learn 14 different languages. The courses available offer support in reading, writing, speaking, and listening and the courses are tailored based on the level and the need of each user. 

The platform offers interactive dialogues that help to speak confidently and the opportunity to practice pronunciation with speech recognition.



Memrise is a platform to improve language skills with more than 50 million learners and 16 languages available. The learning method is enjoyable and effective, and it focuses on real-life language. The courses include video clips of native speakers, in order to show authentic voices and accents and to help the user understand the new language in a real-world context. 

The lessons are adapted to individual needs, in order to keep the user motivated and learn at one’s pace, with the right level of challenge. The focus doesn’t lie on grammar but on learning by doing and trying.


HelloTalk is a free-to-use community platform to improve language skills. It is not an online course, but the language is learned via chats with native speakers around the world. It’s a tandem platform, meaning that you teach your native language while also learning from a native speaker the language you want to learn. 

It is possible to send text messages, voice recordings, and even doodles. Calls and videos are also available: whatever your communication preferences are, there is a solution. The app has built-in tools for translation, pronunciation, and corrections to make the conversations run smoothly.

hello talk

The start is always the hardest but it is like that for learning any new skill. But once you figure out what kind of strategies and platforms are the most suitable for you, language learning will be easy-peasy! When you learn a language, you are not just demonstrating that you are bold, persistent, and goal-oriented, but you also acquire a small piece of culture. In our globalized world, this is essential to understand the multicultural people around you, especially in the workplace! So wait no more, check out this platform and take the plunge!  

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