Why should you join a job fair?

A job fair or career fair is a great opportunity for talent to connect with companies face to face. It allows businesses to pitch what they are all about to curious attendants. The goal for many presenters is to attract talent, in hopes of hiring for their vacant positions. From startup to corporate, there is a variety of different companies tailored with their own story, mission, and culture. Job fairs are a more social level of job-seeking and can be a fast track to getting hired

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1. Tech Jobs Fair | Berlin

Tech Job Fair has been empowering brands and connecting talent under a single roof since 2017. They aim to provide startups and larger companies the chance to grow their brand equity, recall, and recognition with cost-effective hiring and branding solutions. From entry-level to senior skilled people, Tech jobs fairs wants to foster a space for talent to feel welcomed and interact with potential employers. 

They have 25,000 visitors in total so far and plan to reach up to 100,000 by the end of this year! This is a great opportunity for local and international talents to connect with companies around Europe

Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 10th November
Price: Free registration
Link to event: Event Info


2. ITCS & Career Summit | Frankfurt

Tech Konferenz, IT-Jobmesse & Festival: Der ITCS – IT && CAREER SUMMIT. -  AINO Hamburg

The ITCS is a unique German bases organizer that has been hosting tech conferences, festivals & IT job fairs. Their focus is on the future of tech and connecting enthusiasts of the tech world to network. They host panels from some of the world’s most established tech companies along with talks with top-class experts. They also provide insights into exclusive tech topics and try out the latest prototypes in the modern-day tech scene. 

Learn more about upcoming tech startups in Europe or about the future of big brands in the tech world! Whether you are an innovator or just new to the tech world, they welcome all with open arms!

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Date: 2nd December
Price: To be announced
Link to event: Event Info


3. Tech Meetups | Zurich

For the past 10 years, tech meetups have been interconnected with 22 communities, with 80 successful job fairs, and over 1,200 companies looking to hire talent!  With over 65,000 attendees from all over the world, companies both big and small are eager to connect with the talent they attract. 

With the power shift to the talent, you the talent are the main focus of the event, and businesses are there in hopes to attach the talent they need. Tech meetups have hosted events in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Stockholm, Madrid, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Munich, Dublin, Bern, Zurich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, New York, and many more locations.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 10th November
Price: Free Registration 
Link to event: Event Info


4. Jobmesse | Vienna

Jobmessen: 1. jobmesse austria am 24./25. September 2022 - Ihre  Karrieremesse!

Jobmesse has come to Austria with their first job fair to be hosted in Vienna! They aim to connect young professionals with some of the most renowned companies both regionally and internationally. They hope to connect aspiring talent to connect with companies a face to face and get to know companies on a human level. This is a great opportunity for talent to network with Austrian companies and great for finding a job in Vienna, Austria.

The main organizer, Barlagmessen, runs 23 events all over German and now recently in Austria. They have been regarded as one of the largest German organizers of job fairs in the DACH region and are expanding their locations

Location: Vienna, Austira
Date: 24th & 25th September
Price: EUR 5.00.
Free admission for pupils, trainees, students, pensioners, people with disabilities, and their companions.  the unemployed, recipients of transfer payments, children up to the age of 14 years 
Link to event: Event Info


5. WU Career Calling | Vienna

Organized by  WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business),  Career Calling is one of Vienna’s biggest career fairs in the city! Career Calling focuses on providing young aspiring students to connect with employers from all different sectors. Companies present a focus on attracting fresh talent to their opening position from internships to full-time. From corporations to startups and local to international companies, Career Calling provides an enriching opportunity for networking talent in the heart of Europe.

Location: Vienna, Austira
Date: 12th of October
Price: Free Entrance
Link to event: Event Info



There are a plethora of different events happening all over the DACH region. From our research we found these event organizers to hold quality opportunities for talents seeking to investigate the current job market. From tech to banking or startup to corporate, each job fair offers a unique set of organizations. The diversity of different businesses gives talent the flexibility to evaluate which company is a great fit for them. 

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