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Want to learn more about companies that are practicing new ways of working? Check out each of these companies in Europe and what they are doing to change the game of work efficiency!


Ubiq is shaping the future of urban mobility by enabling mobility services to become profitable. Experts in transforming raw urban data into actionable insights and valuable services, Ubiq enables better mobility decisions. Based in Vienna, Austria, Ubiq is transforming cities around the world.

Future work models: Flexible working hours with a healthy balance between office & remote work


Bitpanda is on a mission to reinvent the world of finance and bring investing closer to everyone, everywhere. Today’s financial ecosystem is complex, exclusive, and expensive, and we’re here to change this as the #1 investment platform in Europe and beyond. Our platform is rooted in the belief that investing should be safe, easy, and accessible to all.

Future work models: Practicing the 4-day work week with flexible remote working options. 


Luko is an insurance company that provides a device that focuses on home security and reduces electricity bills. It features an AI-powered sensor designed for monitoring and preventing home accidents. 

Future work models: Work-Life balance with unlimited days off with flexible remote working options. 

Sideways 6

Sideways 6 exists to build better businesses through employee ideas. Sideways 6 believes that great ideas can come from anywhere and that giving employees a voice is the secret to business success.

Future work models: Flexible working times, no work time tracking with remote work opportunities.


Billie is a Berlin-based fintech startup providing innovative B2B payment services from short-term liquidity to online payments. The team at Billie has made it their mission to upgrade the outdated system of B2B transactions by offering the simplest and fastest ways for businesses to pay and get paid on their terms. 

Future work models: Flexible working hours, flexibility-first approach remote model.

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