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What is a 30/60/90 framework?

According to the 30/60/90 framework, a person should receive feedback when their work is 30% complete, then when their work is 60% complete and finally when their work is 90% complete.

This way employees can get feedback at the most crucial points of their work:

  • 30%: The employees can double-check whether they understood the initial concept good enough, and they started their work on the right track
  • 60%: Are there any additional factors he/she needs to take into consideration? Does the workflow make sense?
  • 90%: What are the things that have been missed? Did all the feedback get implemented in the correct manner?

These numbers refer to the amount and structure of the work that needs to be done rather than the time that is needed to achieve the goals. Having these checkpoints with their supervisor, people can more easily allocate their energy to improve the final outcome and can overall deliver a better solution.

It also helps for employees to get reassured that they work towards the intended goals, and didn’t lose focus along the way.

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