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What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a presentation that is set up for potential investors. It doesn’t matter, whether we are talking about an angel round or other priced rounds, having a presentation ready will always be needed. This presentation also called the pitch deck should contain the highlights of your company and be up-to-date, short, and to the point.

What should a pitch deck look like?

There are some unwritten rules you should stick to, especially because investors will expect your pitch deck to contain the following points:

  • (Usually 3) Problems your product tackles
  • The solution to these problems, and how your product can solve them
  • Market validation
  • Market size
  • The product itself: create mockups if you don’t have the beta version yet
  • Business model
  • Competition
  • Your competitive advantage
  • Team

As an example take a look at Airbnb’s or Uber’s pitch deck.

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