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What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile project management framework that uses a set of values, principles, and practices to assist teams in organizing and managing their work.

Scrum encourages teams to self-organize while working on a problem, learn from experiences, and reflect on their successes and failures in order to continually improve.

How does Scrum work?

Scrum works through a self-organizing team generating customer value throughout a time-boxed period known as a Sprint. Each Sprint’s objects, roles, and activities are specified.

What are Scrum roles?

Here are the three key positions that make up a Scrum Team:

Product Owner

The product owner concentrates on making sure the development team gives the business the most value possible. They are aware of and provide attention to the shifting requirements of clients and end users.

Scrum leader

The effectiveness of the Scrum Team is the responsibility of the Scrum leaders. They train groups, Product Owners, and the company to enhance Scrum procedures and enhance delivery.

Scrum development team

The scrum development team consists of Testers, designers, UX experts, operations engineers, and developers. Because team members are cross-trained and have a variety of skill sets, no one person can create a bottleneck for work delivery.

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