You saw a very appealing job opening at a very exciting company, you already filled out the form, and then you see that you need a cover letter in English… That’s when your search starts: you check many cover letter examples, but you probably still feel overwhelmed and clueless: all the cover letters have such good phrases and nice vocabulary, and you just don’t know where to start…

If you know the feeling, this full guide will help you write a cover letter in English with plenty of English examples and phrases to professionalize your English motivation letter in your job application! Whether it’s for a startup company or a big company these points can be applied to any job application.

General Tips

  1. Don’t use generic phrases, since hiring managers see hundreds of motivation letters every day! You need to grab the attention of the reader, therefore we gave you rather unconventional examples, so you can stick out from the immense crowd of cover letters.
  2. Don’t use abbreviations like “I’m” or “I’d”, because, with formal English writing, you should use “I am” and “I would”.
  3. For startups, you don’t have to be super conventional and start every sentence with an extremely formal phrase. Find the fine balance of staying formal but also delivering a bit of your personality, giving added value to your letter of motivation.

How should you use this guide?

A well-prepared cover letter usually has three major parts: the introduction, the main part with details, and the conclusion. These parts usually consist of subchapters, which we highlighted with numbers: in the introduction, you should include 1.1 – your interest in the position, 1.2 – why should the company generally hire you, and 1.3 – a linking part to read further. In this structured list, you can choose the sentences you think would fit the most to your personality and to the job opening!



  • As an enthusiastic fan of -company-, I am beyond excited to see the opening for the -position-.
  • When I was reading the job offer as a -position-, it made me proud to imagine working and achieving additional milestones with -company-.
  • Searching through many job advertisements, I was delighted to discover such a unique and outstanding job opportunity as -position- at -company-.
  • When scrolling through job openings, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that -the company- had an extraordinary opportunity for fresh talents and professional minds like me.


  • With my comprehensive knowledge as a -role-, I would like to further indulge my passion for -software, and industry- and thus contribute to -the company-‘s growth.
  • As I was reading through your advertisement, I could not help but notice how well your requirements align with my professional experience in the -industry-.
  • -company- is my idea of how a well-functioning and successful company should operate, and it would be my pleasure to further develop solutions in order to provide excellent service to customers.
  • With my well-developed professional experience and high personal interest in the industry, my aim is to demonstrate to You, how I could contribute to the -company-‘s success.


  • I am convinced I would make a valuable addition to your team.
  • After elaborating on my skills and professional experience, I hope my cover letter will convince you that I am the person you seek.
  • I hope your search will be eased after You read my cover letter and got an insight into how I could develop the ongoing success of -the company-.
  • My CV provides a good overview of all the related experiences and skills I possess, nevertheless, I have also detailed some of the most relevant skills that match Your requirements for the position.

Main Parts


  • My previous position afforded me a well-grounded skillset: -skills-
  • The responsibilities I took and the knowledge I acquired would serve me well in this role.
  • During my career, I have acquired an extensive knowledge of -skills-, and great competence in -fields-.
  • My experience in a -past position- allowed me to explore and further develop my professional and personal interest in -skill, and industry-.
  • My high degree of motivation always drove me to provide the best solutions in a -previous role- in the field of -industry, and skill-.
  • As having great responsibility, I continuously shaped the future prospects of my previous employer, and my promise is no less than working every day on delivering the same enthusiasm to -the company- as well.



  • It would be my honor to be part of Your continuous success story and become a vital part of -the company-.
  • I would welcome the chance to meet you in person and show you how my previous achievement can be translated into Your growth.
  • I am eager to reveal my full potential to You and the contribution I could make to -the company-.
  • I am beyond excited about the fascinating idea of committing to -the company-‘s success.
  • I would highly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to Your growth and further success.
  • I would be pleased if you gave me a chance to fully discover the ways my skillset could serve your flourishing company.


  • Attached you can find my detailed CV with in-depth details about my additional expertise and experience.
  • Enclosed You can find my resume, which provides a broader overview of my potential.
  • If you wish to contact me, please do so anytime via phone -phone number- or email -email address-.
  • Please do not hesitate to reach out for further clarification via phone -phone number- or email -email address-.
  • Your time and consideration are highly appreciated.
  • I am thanking You sincerely for the opportunity in advance.

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