Working at a startup company has never been cooler. The vibe, the people and the open positions sound exciting. But how can you get in? In this article, we will give you a 101 on how to perfect writing your cover letter for a startup company.

We have all been there. Ready to apply for this one job that sounds amazing and we really want to get, but somehow the enthusiasm about and excitement for the job cannot translate into our cover letters. Wether you are writing cover letters for a fintech company or HR, these points can be applied to all fields. Writing a cover letter for a startup company often is a time-consuming task, if one does not know how to start and what to consider. So let’s get started with the basics.

What is a cover letter? 

The cover letter is part of your application. Whereas the CV (Curriculum vitae) gives the hiring party a written overview of your skills and experience, the cover letter specifically addresses the job you are applying for and highlights why you would be a great fit. 

In the case of wanting to join a startup, writing a cover letter for a startup does not differ much from a common cover letter. It is likely that when applying at startups, applicants are encouraged to create more creative and “out of the ordinary” cover letters. We will provide a sample cover letter for a startup company at the end of this article. (link to heading “sample cover letter”)

Why do you need a cover letter? 

Keep in mind, the hiring company (in most cases) does not know you yet. The first impression of your CV and cover letter will decide if you get a chance to introduce yourself in person. In the case of writing a cover letter for a startup, the cover letter gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you are a cultural match. The employer will be able to have a glance at your personality, your motivation and your ability to use grammar and language to present yourself. 

How to write a cover letter for a startup job

Google search results for a sample cover letter for a startup company are often plentiful but useless. Save yourself some time and come up with your own words instead of trying to find the perfect copy and paste template.The HR person will notice your effort and commitment. The upcoming bullet points guide you through this process:

  • Stay true to yourself. The main thing is to really contemplate why you could succeed in this position. If you cannot come up with a good reason, maybe you should check if you are the right fit for a startup. 
  • Keep it short, authentic and (maybe) spicy. Startups often have modern company structures and little time to waste. There is no general rule when it comes to writing a cover letter to join a startup. What we recommend is researching the company’s philosophy on the web, reading the job opening carefully and deciding on an individual way to address the employer. Make sure your cover letter and your CV go hand in hand.
  • The job market is already at its capacity meaning we all are like fish in the sea. But that should not discourage you from trying to get your dream job. Dare to be different. Remember that your skills and how you are able to present them while writing a cover letter for a startup are potentially benefiting the employer. You can be an asset to them by pointing out the relation between the job description and your skills. 

Need a little extra inspiration to get those fingers typing?  Find guidance for a cover letter to join a startup with these 10 tips for writing the perfect cover letter.

Sample cover letter for startup company

Here we will provide a cover letter for startup companies as some examples. Bear in mind that the cover letter should include a few essentials such as personal details (name, address, phone number), hiring manager’s name (if available), source of vacancy, suitability for the position, your “value add” to the company and a closing statement.  



[name, surname]
[street name]
[town name]

[company’s name]
[company’s street name]
[company’s town name] [location, date]

Application [Job Description]

Dear [HR contact person],

It has been a couple of years in the making and finally, I am at the right place, at the right time. I have been following [company’s name] for the past years thoroughly and my interest and knowledge in cryptocurrencies has been predominantly influenced by your classes, content and service. For this reason, I was beyond happy to live in a city, where [company’s name] announced this vacant position for [job description].

My background is in finance technologies and over the years I was able to work and learn much more about the fintech market in New York, London and Seattle. Financial analysis has been the focus of my work for the last decade, which has prepared me to execute all mentioned tasks of [job description].

I would be more than pleased to get on a call with you and convince you that it is the perfect timing for a collaboration.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,



Disclaimer: Please take this example as a benchmark. This is a very shortened and rather informal cover letter. Find your own voice. This article will get you started on a sample cover letter for a startup company. 

Writing a cover letter for a startup is not rocket science 

– it takes practice. By following the mentioned points for writing a cover letter to join a startup you are on the right path. And don’t forget – a rejection letter is not the end of the world, you just have to figure out why you got rejected. Keep the spirits high and continue applying. You will find many more open positions for startups on our platform.


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