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32 hour week & learning journey

Lisa Thiel
CultureStartup LifestyleThe Startup World

Is there a gender pay gap in startups?

Leona Kucic
Job OpportunitiesLocationSurprise MeThe Startup World

Startup events in Europe you can’t miss in 2022!

Cornelia Strasser
Know HowSelf-TestThe Startup World

Meet Figures.hr – the new salary benchmark for startups & VC

Kristina Toender
Job ApplicationKnow HowThe Startup World

How to nail your cover letter to join a startup company

Job OpportunitiesLocationSurprise MeThe Startup World

12 Can’t-Miss Events of 2021 For Startups

Julia Vander Hoeven
Employer BrandingGuestThe Startup World

7 thoughts on the workplace of today: Dominik Burziwoda

Dominik Burziwoda
Know HowRecruitingThe Startup World

3 Top Resume Templates for the Startup World

Antonia Rinesch

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