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In 2020 one of the coolest new French startups hit our ecosystem! The brains behind Figures were brought to our landscape by Virgile Raingeard & Bastien Formery. Not only is it a tool that many have been waiting on, but it will also change the ball game completely when it comes to salary benchmarking within Startups & VCs. They have created this tool, where you can get all the data you need in one spot, customized to your own startup/CV, and super user-friendly.

But what features do they offer? Keep reading as we go into detail.

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The co-founder Virgile shares an authentic video of the story of figures, how to use it & the future.
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Features on

Data Reliable

When we use this word, we don’t use it lightly when it comes to the transparency of salaries among Startups. Before Figures, there was no reliable data on startup salaries in Europe, which was the main encouragement for the founders to create Figures – THANK YOU. 

So why reliable you may ask, well their data is currently coming from 16 280 employees and from 228 different startups/ scale-ups. Another reason figures stand out is due to the information given for their benchmarked data is always backed by the specific number of employees/startups involved. Plus this data is constantly growing as figures it growing immensely fast

Another aspect that makes it easier to understand is that each ‘job’ is divided into seniority levels, which doesn’t just give you an average of the overall job, but a specific pay range from each level, which is from the very first glance very easy to understand.

Not only that, but you can also filter your company’s data by adding the headcount & funding to customize the results to be reliable to YOUR company’s journey. As every startup is different and many stages are to be faced, it is important to align with your growth, especially to be transparent to the teams’ value on their journey with your company. 

Gender Equality & Pay Gap

Figures give you a nice overview of the gender equality & pay gap for both your internal landscape and external. You have filters that can tell you your top 10 earners in the company, the percentage of women in management positions & how these then measure up to other companies at your level. Now that’s the way to be transparent with your team! 

Curious about what this actually looks like? Check out the video on how to use figures. We think one of the best things about this feature is the easy visualization of how different filters, even if it’s rough to see (women’s lack of representation in startups) represent your company or external companies. This is the tool to close the gap in gender quality, market fairness & pay gap! 

Up-to-date Data

One of their most important and innovative features is their up-to-date data, with their cooperation with Personio, with the help of an API system. They refresh their data every day, not only is it reliable with the refresh but there is also a ‘human’ that is behind validating the data, or in better words – spotting errors. 

You can easily integrate with your HRIS in a couple of clicks to save time and never use a spreadsheet again. Compensation data from your HRIS is automatically pulled and synchronized on a daily basis. We have already integrated with Lucca & Personio and soon with Bamboo HR, PayFit, and Hibob.

As an example, here is the Personio Marketplace documentation.

Customized for your company

Figures is a salary benchmark tool with a sole focus on startups, scale-ups, and VCs. That alone is unique for all in the startup landscape, but what makes figures even more unique is that they let you filter for headcount, total funding, the funding round, industry, and much more! And with this knowledge, it makes it possible to compare your company with other companies on the stage as you! 

New feature:  Equity Management Tool

With this brand new feature, you can now make a reliable equity benchmark, plus make use of their brand new equity management tool! To say the very least this is a very complex tool due to every country in Europe being analyzed where they all have their very own specifics – not an easy task! 

Investment round & taking Europe by storm

Figures recently announced that they just raised 1.7 million euros in their latest investment round which is great news! Big kudos for the beginning of their big journey yet to come! 

Taking Europe by storm might be an over-exaggeration, but they are developing extremely fast considering their time in the market and starting their journey from the mother city, France. Figures can proudly say they have over 210 companies on board and they are onboarding up to 5 companies a week! – that’s crazy for an early-stage startup!

Also, a massive win is that figures are not location dependable, which means their location factor for hiring is worldwide. For example, a startup that is based in Berlin can hire anyone, no matter in which country they are. This doesn’t mean, however, that figures have their mindset on expanding globally but rather Europe. One continent at a time!

The goal for Figures

Figures is already smashing the market with their new product. But they also want to provide a full compensation tool, compensation management for remote hiring, which means they are making both remote and in-office hiring simpler for the company. As explained above, with this tool you can compare startup salaries, benchmark your startup with other startups, get inspired by other companies that do different things.

Why not take on the benefits that you observe from other countries, which could be wonderful in your startup that you would never have thought about due to living in a different country or culture. Transparency is key. 

Want to know more?

Even though we shared some very interesting facts, and our own thoughts on the best things we think figures have to offer, why not explore them yourself?
They are now offering a benchmark in France and Germany while opening up new benchmarks in the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, Spain and Benelux. 

They will join Austria and further European countries soon. If you are interested to get informed first about a special deal to join, they shared with us a link so you can be the first to know here

Or if you are like us – super curious, and would love to have a free chat with Figures, you can now book a slot with Sarah here, she will tell you everything you need to know.


To wrap it up, this is what you will need if you want a transparent, reliable, user-friendly, all-in-one place, salary benchmarking for your startup or VC. As mentioned, we have done our best, to sum up, the key features that we are obsessed with, but why not check them out and join the journey of figures? It’s the only way to go!

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