When you look for a startup job, there are many things you have to consider! Some of these are to have a perfectly optimized cover letter or being prepared for the most common interview questions. But the most important of all is the preparation of an eye-catching CV!

Recruiters spend a few seconds per CV, hence the layout must be clear and information easy to be acquired. You might know already how to structure your CV the best, but there’s just so much more to think about! If you miss out on some of the crucial things, you might need to face a rejection – not a nice thing to do!

In order to simplify the job, there are plenty of resume builders online which can help you. If you prefer a simplified version, we also created the best 3 CV templates for the startup world. Either way, just go ahead and choose the right template to let the recruiters know you are the right candidate!

Choosing the most appropriate one is highly dependent on the industry and the career level, but being able to visualize the final result might help you to choose the most appropriate one. Every resume builder offers different templates and you will be helped in realizing a resume that represents you and your aspirations at the best. 

We researched the best online platforms which are proven to be valid support during the job search and bring you closer to the next phase of the recruiting procedure, the phone/face-to-face interview. Here the list of pros and cons for every service, to help you choose wisely!


The free version allows you to use a limited number of templates (more than 8,000 available for the premium option!), but it is possible to download the PDF (with VisualCV watermark) of your resume without an upgrade. The font can be customized based on your wishes and it is also possible to reformat an old resume without having to write it all over again. The platform is user-friendly and it is also possible to check some analytics. 

PROS: Free download | Customizable 

CONS: Reduced number of free options and tool | Watermark on the free download


Canva is a design service that can be easily used also by beginners. Like many others it is a freemium platform, basic options are available for free while you will have to pay for more complex designs. Templates are very creative and all of them are fully customizable. 

PROS: Easy to use | Creative designs

CONS: Most of the templates are not professional


This resume builder is handy and simple to use, but it is not going to be possible to download your cv without a subscription. The templates are professional and rather traditional, which could work perfectly for industry such as law and banking. The platform will also offer you some advice about what it is best to include and the cv will be checked and reviewed by experts.  

PROS: Professional layouts | Insights and review of content 

CONS: Subscription to download the PDF


ResumeBuilderPro is a simple, effective and professional tool, if you want to create your CV fast. They have a boat-load of best resume examples covering hundreds of career fields. If you add your level of education, they will suggest you templates to match your previous experience.

PROS: 4000+ downloadable templates | you can redesign limitless times

CONS: Paid subscription is needed if you want to download your CV

Image of Resumist


Resume.com offers templates organized by professional fields. The templates are rather basic and repetitive, but it might be a good choice for those who don’t want to have a colorful and infographic cv. The look is professional and their database uses data from the job recruitment platform indeed, hence it is quite accurate. The tool is completely free. 

PROS: Completely free | Organized by industry and experience level

CONS: Repetitive templates


ResumUP is a reliable tool for infographic and interactive resumes. Their templates are highly visual with out-of-the-box designs. The free version unfortunately just allows the download in TXT format and the monthly subscription is quite expensive. 

PROS: Innovative layouts 

CONS: Download possible just with a monthly subscription


This platform will help you to realize an outstanding cv while offering you different insights about how to make it appealing. There is plenty of pre-written content (in case you are running out of ideas) and even if the templates are basic, there is a wide choice to differentiate. Even if the platform seems to be free, at the end of the process, when you have completed all the sections, you are going to be asked to log in and to subscribe in order to download your file as a PDF. 

PROS: Hints and insight about job search | Pre-written content 

CONS: Paid service


Kickresume is a young and fresh tool to prepare your resume. The freemium option has just some basic templates and options, but it will be possible to download your cv as PDF. The best feature is the possibility to import your cv directly from your LinkedIn profile. 

PROS: Importing CV from Linkedin

CONS: Free version has limited option


Creating your CV is not easy. You can have some minor problems like how to include your language skills, for example. But many times, creating your CV is just overwhelming, thinking about the whole structure or design in order to really stand out from the other applicants!

In this article, you can check out either the top 3 resume templates we created or all the online CV builder examples we included above. They are some of the best in the market and for sure they will help you a lot in advancing your startup career!

But also, don’t forget about another essential job application document: with these 10 cover letter tips, you can create the cover letter that will lend that hero job you dream of!

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