AI and jobsearch

The rise of AI has created new job opportunities and challenges for job seekers. But even if AI is not yet out to get your job, it will certainly impact your job search. Because already in 2022, it was one of the biggest trends in recruitment, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

In this article, we explore how AI is changing job search and how you can use it to land your next dream job.

The AI-Powered Job Market: Opportunities and Challenges for Job Seekers

The job market is changing with the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

As more companies look for ways to integrate AI into their processes, the demand for data engineers, software engineers, and machine learning specialists grows. At the same time, other jobs are being automated.

However, it is discussed less often that AI is changing the job search process itself. Artificial intelligence is used for candidate search, matching candidates and jobs, screening, and even interviewing.

On the one hand, it is considered a less biased way of recruiting that would foster a more diverse and competent workforce. 

For example, such minor details as age (graduation year), resume formatting, photo, or even an old email provider can produce snap judgments during the CV screening.

On the other hand, machines are impersonal and don’t have human flexibility. If you don’t know how the AI-powered job search works, your application can be rejected due to technicalities and never even reach human eyes.

3 ways AI is Revolutionizing Job Search

Hiring is highly labor-intensive.

And, though we know you always send a well-prepared application, not everyone is so considerate. 

Recruiters must sift through dozens of irrelevant or downright sloppy applications to get to the good stuff.

Naturally, companies want to save as much time and money as possible. So AI-powered solutions help them find relevant candidates, get in touch with them, and even assess their fit.

Three main solutions are now revolutionizing recruitment.

1. AI-powered job platforms

New emerging platforms use machine learning algorithms to match job seekers with positions that fit their skills, experience, and interests. 

They help companies attract more fitting candidates while helping people access the fit and find positions they would have missed otherwise.

2. Chatbots for screening and assisting

Chatbots are now used to contact potential hires, schedule meetings, answer their basic questions, and even pre-screen candidates for positions. They analyze potential hires based on years of relevant experience, location, interest, and other easily-automated questions.

3. AI-assisted Interviews

Okay, this one is wild.

How about being interviewed and even assesed by AI? This approach is becoming increasingly common in the US, with companies like Unilever and Mercedes Benz jumping on board. Some universities are even preparing their students for these interviews!

With this technology, candidates film themselves answering a preset number of questions. Then, AI evaluates their response, considering content, word choice, and facial expressions. In some cases, the decision could also be made by Artificial Intelligence.

How to Use AI to Make Your Job Search More Effective 

We understand that the previous section might have made you feel like collateral in the humans vs. machines. But nobody said you couldn’t use AI to your advantage.

Artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool for job seekers too!

Decide on Your Next Career Move

The job hunt begins long before the first sent resume. Establishing your career strategy is essential for choosing the right job search strategy and landing the right positions for your future.

You can use our AI-powered career coaching to find the right path to your dream job.

Prepare for the AI-powered process

Platforms, chatbots, and applicant tracking systems (ATS) use keywords to evaluate your fit. Even LinkedIn works like a search engine!

So, after establishing your strategy, ensure your LI profile and resume are packed with keywords for your desired position. This will increase your chances of getting past the initial screening process.

Make Job-Hunting More effective

To make your job search smart, make sure you fill in the profiles on the platforms you use. That would ensure their AI recognizes your profile and gives you personalized job recommendations based on your interests and background.


Job search is changing. And there is not much we can do about it except to prepare to face new challenges. 

With the rise of AI-powered job platforms, chatbots for screening and assisting, and AI-assisted interviews, candidates can use AI to their advantage to increase their chances of landing their dream job. 

The key is to prepare for the AI-powered process by establishing your career strategy and giving AI all the needed information about you by using keywords on your LinkedIn profile, resume, and other platforms where you post.

So, if you’re on the job hunt, it’s time to embrace the power of AI and let it help you land your next job!

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