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AIStartup LifestyleStartups

AI is Transforming the Startup Scene

Nina Gridchina
Startup LifestyleThe Startup WorldWellbeing

32 hour week & learning journey

Lisa Thiel
CultureExpert AdvicePodcastStartup Lifestyle

Meet the founders of the European ecosystem & their insights

Kristina Toender
CultureJob OpportunitiesStartup Lifestyle

Future Work: What kind of tools do you need and why?

Lisa Thiel
CultureStartup LifestyleThe Startup World

Is there a gender pay gap in startups?

Leona Kucic
CultureStartup LifestyleStyle

Smart casual vs. Startup casual: an era of a new dress code

Leona Kucic
LocationStartup LifestyleTested for YouTips!

How to find a job in the DACH region as a non-German speaker?

Nina Gridchina
LocationStartup LifestyleSurprise Me

The Student Hotel to The Social Hub: Everything you need to know

Leona Kucic
CultureStartup LifestyleSurprise Me

Team Diversity in Startups | What should it look like?

David Wilkins
LearningStartup Lifestyle

The good and the bad: A closer look at the 4-day work week

Cornelia Strasser
Career AdvicePersonal BrandingStartup Lifestyle

Personal Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

Julia Vander Hoeven
Know HowLearningStartup LifestyleSurprise Me

The difference between working in a startup and a corporate

Joyce Schultz
Career AdviceKnow HowStartup Lifestyle

Startup jobs: Kick off your career within the startup ecosystem!

Lisa Breiteneder
LearningStartup LifestyleWellbeing

Imposter syndrome in Startups

LearningPodcastStartup Lifestyle

Meet Johannes Gärnter, founder of Ximes

David Wilkins
Career AdviceSelf-TestStartup Lifestyle

Should you join a startup? Find it out now!

Federica Viviani
CultureStartup LifestyleSurprise Me

Is working in a startup the new hype?

Federica Viviani

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