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Searching for a job can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and stressful. It can feel like there are too many startups with too many open positions and it can be difficult finding one that is a perfect match. Moreover, sometimes it’s hard to get employers to respond to your job application, even if you have an outstanding cover letter or a perfectly structured CV.

But did you know that, instead of spending hours looking for a job, there are ways to attract employers to approach you instead? Yes, it does happen to many people, regardless of the job they are searching for! The key to being found is to market yourself in a way that is going to make you very captivating to potential employers. Easier said than done, I know. If you want to avoid rejection, there are some clear steps you can follow that will probably help you achieve visibility! Check them out!

Expand your network on Linkedin

Networking is a critical part of the job search! A lot of people are hired because they have the right connections and not because they presented the best strengths or had the highest score during the virtual assessment centre. Contacts can provide you with advice and might know some exciting new job opportunities. Get out there and network with people you know!

You can connect with people you know and trust (former co-workers, friends, classmates, or people you met are at conferences and other startup events). The more networking you can do, the better off you will be.

Also, don’t be afraid to connect with people you don’t know yet! If they are the recruiters of a startup you’re interested in or professionals in your field, chances are high that at some point they will share their job ads. Also, if you connect, they can also see what you’re doing. If you share engaging content, you might get more visibility in their eyes.

Bonus tip: when you send the contact request, add a short message about why you want to connect. It makes it a lot more personalized and inviting for people to add you.

Update your profile on Linkedin 

LinkedIn is currently the largest professional networking site and it is frequently used by hiring managers and recruiters worldwide. If you have not already, first set up your Linkedin profile and optimize it for all the hidden LinkedIn tricks it can give you. Add your most recent experiences to create your profile and make sure to include a professional profile photo — refrain from pictures taken at home/with the phone and choose a professional photographer or studio.

When you add the description of your tasks, add a few key short bullet points (I suggest 5 maximum) with your biggest accomplishments. If you can, preferably use data to quantify them. Being successful at a job is one thing, showing the numbers of the successes you have accomplished will be a lot more attractive for recruiters  (ie. percentage of contracts won, % increase in profitability, x number of people you have hired in a specific time frame).

Add your skills on Linkedin

Most recruiters when actively sourcing, look for specific skills. Make sure to check the job requirements and add to your profile under “skills” some keywords that might help the search (ie: “SaaS”, “investment”, “startup”, “cold calling”, “ full-cycle recruiting” or a specific technology you use that is important for the job you are applying for).

Make sure to also add all the languages you learned and all the other skills you acquired. Have you filled out your skills but feel like there’s more room for improvement? Then start with one of the online course providers to learn coding skills, digital marketing skills or anything else.

Add an outstanding brief description of yourself

Ask yourself: why would recruiters want to hire me instead of someone else? I am sure you have unique skills/experience. Add that to your profile (under “headline”, under your name) – it’s actually quite similar to a CV bio.

Make it short (3 to 4 sentences) as recruiters often do not have too much time to spend on each CV screening, they often get also too many applications for each position. Add how many years of experience you have, the industries you worked for, and the skills/experiences that make you unique (languages you speak, industries you have worked for, technologies you use, your biggest accomplishments, or area of your expertise).


Groups can help you tremendously with your job search. On Linkedin, search for the specific category you’re interested in, and just click on the “Groups” once the results are loaded:

A snippet of Linkedin, how to look for jobs

You can find groups related to your industry or professional interests. Some groups are private, and you may need to be affiliated with a group member to join. In that case, just send a contact request and start networking! Once you become a member, you can join group discussion pages, read articles and begin meeting and connecting with other group members.

Under “My Network” on the left-hand side you can see all the groups you joined and the pending requests you have.

Let Recruiters Know You are Open

If recruiters know you are “open” for a new job opportunity, you are a lot more likely to be selected from a talent pool because they know you will be more responsive to their job offer. But how can you let them know? There are several ways that you can do this, including having your phone number and email address in the summary section.

Also, make sure you select “open” for job opportunities under your profile picture. You can make it more specific by adding which type of jobs you are searching for, how many hours you want to work (part-time, full-time, remote jobs), the location, and when you can start.

Ask For and Give Recommendations 

One final tip is to make your profile page look like you have a lot of interesting recommendations. Recommendations are comments from past colleagues and people who know you and/or have been working with you. It appears on the bottom of your profile page.

Don’t be shy and reach out to the people to give you a brief recommendation. They will most likely do it without hesitating, especially if they enjoyed working with you! You can also write up recommendations for other people. With a lot of nice recommendations, your profile wil shine and stand out from the crowd! It also gives the recruiters some more information about your personality, way of working and it can highlight some nice accomplishments you made.


You are one step ahead of finding your startup dream job! These simple steps will help you expand your professional network and market yourself in a way that your profile looks captivating enough for recruiters to invite you for an interview without you having to look for a job!

You might need to spend a bit more time updating your profile, but it will be worth it for sure in the long run!

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